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Thumbnail examples of the types of images which are in the PTEN library are shown, along with explanations of ancillary diagnostic, morphometric, and clinical information which appears in each case report.  These cases are part of a Published Series1.

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Macroscopic images (left) have a square open box centered on the area with most concentrated PTEN-null glands.  A curved arc identifies a fragment of tissue containing the greatest concentration of PTEN-null glands which was used for morphometry, and appears in the "bullseye" view, and other photomicrographs.

Point counting morphometry was performed within a 1mm circular sample window of the PTEN-immunostained slide, as represented in the "Bullseye" image, and resultant parameters appear below.

Dx: Diagnosis, pe=normal proliferative; anov=anovulatory, persistent proliferative; ein= EIN precancer

Morphometry: (yes) if fragment size and condition suited to measurement.  (No) if fragmented.

Vol. % stroma: Volume percentage stroma, fraction of sample fragment occupied by stroma.

Null G. Vol. %: Volume percentage null gland,tissue  % occupied by PTEN non-expressing glands.

Pos G. Vol. %: Volume percentage positive gland,tissue  % occupied by PTEN expressing glands.

Null G, #/mm2: Density of PTEN-null glands, number per mm2 of tissue

Pos G, #/mm2: Density of PTEN-expressing glands, number per mm2 of tissue

mm2 per null: Average size of a single PTEN-null glands, mm2/per gland

mm2 per pos: Average size of a single PTENexpressing  gland, mm2/per gland

Age: in years at time of sampling

Hormone: (yes) on hormone replacement, or (no)

Indication: reported reason for sampling

Symptoms: Physical symptoms and/or sign preceding sampling

Menopause: (pre), (peri) or (post) menopausal based upon age, history, and evidence of endogenous hormonal activity

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1)Mutter GL, Ince TA, Baak JPA, Kust G, Zhou X, Eng C: Molecular identification of latent precancers in histologically normal endometrium. Cancer Res, 61(11).  In Press for June 1, 2001 issue.

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