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Antibody 6H2.1

This library contains PTEN immunohistochemistry images and ancillary quantitative data with H&E images for 57 endometria with PTEN null glands (20 pe, normal proliferative; 20 anovulatory or persistent proliferative caused by unopposed estrogens; and 17 EIN).  

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  1. Progression Scenario: These are examples of PTEN null gland patterns seen in intact tissue fragments selected from a published series of 132 cases. Illustrated cases had PTEN null glands in tissue fragment sufficiently intact for morphometry.  

  2. Retrieval:  options include scanning Thumbnails, or Integrated Image/Data Report (Example here), or by Diagnosis, Scrollable Table.  Other optionas appear in the left sidebar under "Case Reports".

  3. Methods: A Key to quantitative data archived with H&E and PTEN immunohistochemical images images explains the units and format of reports in this section. Immunohistochemistry protocols used with PTEN antibody 6H2.1 are available.  

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