HyperMap Retrieval: Computer Generated D-Score vs. Pathologist Dx.
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Notes:  Each (of 93) area of endometrium analysed for clonal composition is represented by a color-coded symbol as monoclonal (red) or polyclonal (blue).   Morphologic analysis by computer (D-Score) and mean diagnostic score of four pathologists is plotted for comparison of these assessments against clonality.   This is intended as a case retrieval tool.  In order to facilitate access to overlapping datapoints it was necessary to non-randomly jitter superimposed symbols.   Precise numerical values for X and Y axis parameters are given in the Case Details retrieved upon clicking a symbol.  

    Computer morphometry  included analysis of three primary parameters which were incorporated into the calculated cancer predictive D-Score according to a formula described in the Methods.   Of the three primary computer morphometric parameters the stromal volume, expressed as a percentage (VPS,%) was itself  highly predictive of clonal result.  See the similar Hypermap for retrieval by Volume Percentage Stroma.


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