Cytologic Demarcation in EIN

Below are paired panels showing distribution of neoplastic EIN glands by PTEN immunohistochemistry (right, neoplastic glands are pale) and corresponding cytology by H&E (left).  Individual dark brown staining normal glands are sometimes overrun and surrounded by pale green counterstained neoplastic (EIN) glands devoid of PTEN protein.  Alternatively, expansile EIN lesions can define a sharp geographic border of separation from the background normal.  Both patterns are seen in the examples below, all of which contain diagnostic EIN.  Since these are detailed views taken at the edge of a lesion for purposes of demonstrating cytology, not all illustrated fields display diagnostic architectural features of EIN which were met elsewhere in the lesion.

Additional information baout PTEN is available at PTEN Central, which reviews informativeness and Appropriate Use of this biomarker in a variety of endometrial tissues, and morphologic changes of clonal progression.  

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