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Objective:  Type collections promote standardized classification by extrapolation from thoroughly documented examples.   In this series of 93 endometria we used a concensus approach to classify lesions as precancers or non-precancers based upon concordance results of at least two of three analytical methods: Clonal analysis, Concensus of  four Pathologist Diagnoses, and Computerized Morphometric Analysis.  This was the original series used to propose  Endometrial Intraepithelial Neoplasia as a diagnostic entity with new criteria1,2. Detailed Methods are available for those who are interested.

Data Included in the Precancer Type Collection:
1)Images of 93 areas of endometria from women who got endometrial cancer
2)Diagnostic classification (WHO hyperplasia)by 4 gynecologic pathologists
3)Diagnostic Classification by EIN criteria.
4)Clonal analysis results using X inactivation (HUMARA) or microsatellite assays
5)Histomorphometry analysis by D-Score (D-Score <1 is generally an EIN)
3)K-ras mutation analysis

1)Mutter GL, Baak JPA, Crum CP, Richart RM, Faquin WC, Boynton KA.  Endometrial precancer diagnosis by histopathology, clonal analysis, and computerized morphometry.  J. Pathology 2000; 190:462-469.
2)Mutter,GL and the Endometrial Collaborative Group.  EIN: Will it bring order to chaos?  Gynecologic Oncology,  2000; 76:287-290


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