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Objective:  The EIN diagnosis library is a series of 50 endometrial biopsies with clinical outcome data that have been diagnosed by WHO hyperplasia, and EIN (objective morphometry, subjective pathologist) criteria.  Many cases appear as illustrative examples in the WHO hyperplasia-EIN concordance section of this website.

Data Included in the EIN Diagnosis Library:
1)Images of 50 endometria diagnosed as "hyperplasia" 
2)Original diagnostic classification using WHO hyperplasia system
3)Diagnostic Classification by subjective EIN criteria.
4)Histomorphometry analysis by D-Score (D-Score <1 is generally an EIN).
5)Comments on diagnostic problems and issues for the case
6)Clinical Outcome

Cases from the EIN Diagnosis Library are kindly supplied by Dr. Jan P.A. Baak (SIR Hospital, Stavanger, Norway).  They are a subset of a case series previously published by Dr. Baak1.  

1)Baak JPA, Nauta J, Wisse-Brekelmans E, Bezemer P. Architectural and nuclear morphometrical features together are more important prognosticators in endometrial hyperplasias than nuclear morphometrical features alone. J Pathol 1988; 154:335-341

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