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EIN Summary with relevant tables, statistics, and citations. 

EIN Fact Sheet (White Paper):  Concise summary of EIN publications, summary statistics, and diagnostic strategies.  This White Paper was designed for distribution to clinicians and pathologists in practice environments in transition to EIN.

Course Materials


1)Lecture Handouts (pdf) for Challenges in Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology, Boston, October 27-28, 2012.    Handouts are here for sat am, sat pm, and sun am sessions.

2)Sylabus of EIN course notes.  These notes cover many aspects of the website in easily printable format.  They are a composite of material presented at various grand rounds and postgraduate courses for pathologists.  If you are interested in attending one of these courses, Click Here.


PTEN Immunohistochemistry Protocols

1)Immunohistochemistry  Protocol for PTEN visualization in paraffin embedded tissues.

2)Antibody 6H2.1, the PTEN monoclonal antibody used by us for immunohistochemistry.  Note: many other commercially available antibodies have extremely poor performance on immunohistochemistry.

3)Key to procedures and variables measured in the PTEN image library reports. 

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Clonality Assays

1)Non-random X chromosome Inactivation (HUMARA Assay): PCR-based assay protocol for use with paraffin tissues.  This is the protocol we use.

2)Detection of Monoclonal Lesions in Paraffin Sections: Course notes from a lecture which reviews critical parameters to keep in mind when using clonality assays

2)Clonal propagation of Altered microsatellites:  Primers and protocols for analysis of micorsatellites in tissues with microsatellite inatability.


Supplemental Information from Published Papers

1)Click here for the Data Archive Section, organized by citation


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